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2 aRgb headers for 6 rgb components - how and ampere?

Level 8
Hi guys.

I'm planning on buying the Crosshair VIII Hero for my new Ryzen 3950x build. The board has 2 x 3A aRgb headers. I have the following components which are Aura compatible (aRgb):

3 x aRgb fans -> will be occupying one aRgb header through a stock controller

1 x aRgb AIO pump head (the Deepcool Castle 360ex - can't find any information on how many apmere the pumps rgb is)

2 x led strips (1.2A each - which i find oddly high - might change for others if i find some that are Aura compatible with lower A)

Now my question is: How do i go about connecting the AIO's aRgb lighting + 2 led strips to one header, without frying the header or the board?

Is it normal for led strips to be 1.2A - while some led fans are like 0.2?

What would you guys recommend me to do?

Level 8
So like nobody with an Asus mobo in this entire community knows this?

Level 40
I presume you can just chain the strips together....get a splitter for one rgb header....job done...should be no problem..

I get that. But I would prob still be too close or even worse break the ampere limit by adding 3 components to 1 header (3 amp max), thus frying either mobo, header or rgb components.*

Level 40
No...I'm not a fan of RGB but I have built it into quite a few systems for other people. A couple of strips and a connection to an RGB AIO is no problem at all from what I have seen...