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2-3 Way Crossfire R9 290x build advice..

Level 7
Now, i'm planning to (hopefully) build myself a new rig and in the interest of future proofing (hence the overkill on the cards) i'm centering it around either two or three of the big radeon cards. (i do have a preference to the AMD cards, they've treated me well over the years.)

I'm trying to sort out whether spacing will be an issue, as these Asus R9's are big chunky cards and i'll need advice in order to get these to run right..

so i'm looking at either a Intel core i7 4790k rig, or a Amd FX-9590 rig.. with Maximus vi extreme or crosshair v formula-z boards respectively.. (water cooling rig of the corshair hydro series h100i persuasion)
currently looking at Corsair's Vengeance Pro Series 32gb DDR3 1600mhz, in four 8 gig sticks.
Three hard drives of 512gb & 1TB ssd w/ 3tb HDD in tow for data
parked in a corshair carbide midi tower case, and i'm hoping the 1275w psu should have enough juice to run this mad thing.

What i'm really asking is whether i could get away with three of the big cards without heat becoming an issue later on, or would it be wiser just to get the two and see from there..

*crossposting in general just incase.*

Level 40
AMD performance is way way off the Intel pace right now, and it burns me to say that as I am a die hard AMD fan.

Love the graphic cards, I would just ensure that your case has great air flow and you will be golden with two or three of them.

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