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XG Mobile 6850mxt low wattage with ally?

Level 7

I've been having this issue for a bit. First time it happened, I updated the drivers to .8001, bios to 337 and updated windows. Then started having frame issues and the XG only only receiving 40W of power? So I reinstalled windows, updated to drivers .6003 (one before .8001), installed the newest xg mobile specific driver, and unconnected and reconnected the xg mobile. It started to work and things were great again. A few days later, it happened again. Tried fully updated everything, nothing. Tried to reconnect it to the ally, nothing. This is getting increasingly frustrating, and I would rather not reinstall windows every 4 or so days just to have a chance for my expensive egpu to function normally.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @BudgetTart ,

May I confirm if you're using the power adapter provided with the XG Mobile?
Please try installing AMD Graphics Card Driver version V31.0.14080.10 to see if it improves the issue.
Additionally, does the problem persist when the XG Mobile is not connected?
If the issue continues, could you kindly provide the following information? Also, please enable the LOG recording function in Armoury Crate SE and record a video demonstrating the frame issues. Please provide both the LOG file and the video so that I can involve the relevant team to further investigate the problem you're facing. Thank you for your cooperation.

ALLY Serial Number:
XG Mobile Serial Number:
Windows Build Version: (Settings - System - About)
Name of the game experiencing the issue:
Armoury Crate SE > Content Tab > System > About > Service Version > Check Button (Copy all content):

【This is the file path for the log file, provided for your reference.】
In Armory Crate SE, navigate to "Other - System" and check the "About" page. Click on "App Diagnostics" and select "Log Files" to bring up the Privacy Policy statement. Once the user agrees to the statement, Armory Crate will start collecting diagnostic logs. You can click on "Generate Log Data" to create an encrypted log file (ASUS log file).