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Unbalanced Audio

Level 9

My left and right speakers become unbalanced volume wise randomly. The left speaker is 30-50% louder than the right. It will self correct randomly as well. It seems to be a software issue. It’s driving me nuts. 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Gamdevguy66 ,
Have you already updated to the latest version of BIOS 322?
When experiencing an imbalance in the volume of the left and right speakers, does this issue occur with every software/game or only with specific ones?
Would you be able to record a video of this issue for us to further investigate? Thank you.

Yeah, I took the 322 update. Yes, I’ve been testing and it appears to be all software when it happens. I thought that it might be Dolby Atmos, but disabling it does not fix it. If it happens while atmos is enabled and the imbalance occurs, it still continues after disabling it. 

Sure, I can record a video. Where can I send it?


After I took the video I’ll provide to you, I re-enabled Atmos in the Windows settings and it was instantly fixed. It seemed to be stuck in the unbalanced state until I did that. Usually it will correct itself while Atmos is enabled. It could be coincidental, as changing the audio effects might have “reset” the audio, but it could be that the Atmos software or audio driver implementation is the issue. 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Gamdevguy66 ,

Thank you for updating the information for us.
Please continue to monitor the usage situation, and if there are any issues, please feel free to let us know. Thank you.😊

This is an intermittent and reoccurring issue. I meant that it fixed it during this occurrence. It happens many times per day, and has since the first week I got the Ally. 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Gamdevguy66 ,

I apologize for the misunderstanding.
I would like to confirm with you if you have reinstalled the audio and Dolby Atmos drivers for testing.
Could you please upload the video to the cloud and share it with me through private messaging? I will then verify your issue with the relevant department. Thank you.

No problem. I had installed all updates from Windows Updates, MyAsus, and Armoury Crate SE. I had also manually installed the Realtek audio driver from the support site. I had not manually installed the Dolby driver from the support site. The date on it was in February, so it is probably the latest. I installed it today to test and the same issue is occurring. I’ll get the video uploaded now and DM you.