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Sd card not reading after BIOS 323

Level 7

Good afternoon,

I am quite upset with several issues with this console that are still to be fixed. But now, ever since I updated the BIOS to version 323, the card reader no longer reads my SD card. I have a 128GB SanDisk Extreme Pro that was working fine until now.

I deduce that after the upgrade, the console has stopped recognizing it. I plug this same card into my desktop PC using an adapter, and it works there. So, it doesn't seem to be damaged.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? It doesn't even appear in the Windows Disk Manager.

Thank you


Customer Service Agent

Hi @kristuk ,

Based on your description, please contact customer service for your region to initiate the RMA process for your unit. We will inspect it for any issues and perform necessary repairs.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Hello Annby,

I'm very frustrated with this issue and this device. I don't understand why the SD card is being recognized on my PC, but not in the Rog Ally. When I insert another SD card, it reads it instantly. In my opinion, the Rog Ally has damaged the SD card, and I would like to request financial compensation for this inconvenience.