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Rog ally

Level 7

So basically when got back from work yesterday, I was getting my rog ally and plug the dock station into my rog ally and hdmi, monitor cords and everything was plug in but instead of the rog ally giving a black screen to rog ally handheld and transferring windows to my monitor screen on instead of that the screen still stay on to my rog ally and not transfer the rog ally screen to my monitor so I was thing it was the cords and stuff and there were plug in so I replug them and it still didn’t work so I rearranged the plug in style and it still didn’t work so I was think it was just something wrong but now thinking about it maybe my rog ally System in general because a few days ago it was working and stuff but now it’s not and with the rog ally screen messed up so it giving the full desktop/monitor screen so it maybe the system and don’t what to do from there so like what it’s doing is  when I plug everything thing in my keyboard light would be on and everything working but nothing showing up in the monitor and when I take it of the keyboard lights are off so I don’t know what to do from there but from what I been getting is that the rog ally screen is different from the day I got on the day I got it it was complexed and after that when I got the linking dock to hook up to my monitor it was working for about 3 or 5 days then it stop working so the linking and everything is connected but the rog ally when it’s turn on it gives me like what a desktop/monitor screen when a pc is plug in to it.






Customer Service Agent

Hi @miosakamoto ,

I'd like to confirm with you if there are any screens or other devices shown in the Device Manager after connecting the dock to your Ally.
There could be various reasons why the external screen isn't displaying (such as drivers, cables, dock, compatibility). If you have a Type-C to HDMI cable, please try connecting the screen directly to test.
Please try reinstalling the AMD display driver version V31.0.22023.6003 to see if it improves the issue. Thank you.