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ROG Ally XG Mobile resolution issue

Level 7

I have had my Ally since launch and has been absolutely great, found a 6850M XT XG mobile return for cheap local and jumped on it. I knew from everything I read that there might be some issues with it, annoyances at connecting and disconnecting and such. What I wasn't prepared for, was how much of a pain it would be to get it to work with my TV. So at this point, if I do anything slightly wrong that the XG Mobile doesn't like, it just crashes. The example that is actually bothering me is that I can't set my output to 4K120, but everything seems to agree my display will support it from the Ally's perspective. It's an LG CX so it definitely supports it from the TV side. I can set the resolution to 1080P120, but only 1440P60 or 4K60. This isn't a bandwidth issue, it's like the XG mobile just crashes. If I reboot then it works again. When it looks to crash, its very similar to actually unplugging an external monitor and where the main screen may go black for a second and then come back with all the windows on both displays. I've tried changing it in extended display mode and also where it's only outputting to my tv. 

The only thing I noticed is that the XG mobile will fairly often say it is installing the drivers and demand a reboot before it works, when i look at the drivers it's using the ones for the Ally, not sure if that is what is supposed to happen and if that is the issue. Despite them being really old, I tried to force install the drivers for the 6850M XT and windows would not let me, told me I already had the right drivers. 

Last thing to mention before I forget, is when i first started trying to set the XG Mobile up I noticed my Adrenalin was broken and wouldn't run anymore saying I had the wrong drivers. I had the latest Ally drivers installed, but either way it complained. So I used the removal tool and booted into safe mode and removed all drivers with the XG mobile disconnected and reinstalled fresh. Really hoping I've just missed something simple. 


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