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ROG Ally XG Mobile bad performance

Level 7

Okay, I genuinely have no idea what on earth is going on. So, for starters I have the XG Mobile 6850mXT. For about a week or so my Ally wouldn't wake up and I had to turn it off and on again for it to connect to my monitor. I thought this was my monitors issue (I have the Odyssey G8, known issue with DP is that supposedly the monitor won't wake. Always worked fine for me though.) It never did this before, so I decided to fully update my drivers, as windows was fully updated. Using .8001 for AMD and bios 337. Suddenly my performance tanks BAD. But...only on my xg mobile? I heard of some issues with the newest drivers conflicting with windows, but I didn't have this issue on just the newest windows update. After updating, my standalone ally performance actually INCREASED, but my xg mobile stays dead? On LaD: Infinite wealth I get 19 fps on the title screen, and I have no idea how to even go about fixing it? Is there a fix? I thought about using DDU and retrying everything, but I have no idea how to use DDU on the ally. Tried uninstalling the windows update to no avail. No amount on the Adrenaline app tinkering/repairing is helping. Uninstalled the Opengl comp app. I'm at a complete lost.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @BudgetTart ,

Please try installing the ASUS-verified AMD graphics card driver version V31.0.14080.10 after connecting the XG Mobile 6850mXT. See if this improves the situation. Thank you.

This did not help unforunately. I tried unnstalling & reinstalling all drivers via the MyAsus app, nothing helps.