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ROG Ally very slow download speeds to SD card

Level 9

I've installed a SanDisk Extreme Pro 1TB micro SD Card, formatted NTFS. When downloading in Steam I'm getting inconsistent speeds ranging from 0MB/s - 7MB/s.

When I run a read/write test on the card it shows sequential right speeds of 70-80MB/s and random write speeds of 57MB/s.

Internet speed test results in 90MB/s.

I've downloaded the latest card reader driver from Asus which didn't help at all.

Also worth noting that when I download a game to the internal SSD I get speeds of 50-60MB/s.

Additionally, I have a slower SanDisk SD Card (Ultra) in my Steam Deck and get speeds of around 30MB/s when downloading on there.

Anyone have any suggestions?


Level 7

Same issue. I understand this isn't the expected performance. I have like 4 days left to return/exchange. Probably gonna do it and hope for better luck with a new one. I have to assume this is defective. 

Did you exchange it? And if so is the new one any better?

I will be doing a exchange tomorrow. I will update when I get the new one tomorrow 😃

Customer Service Agent

Hi @JonnyOptimus ,


I would like to confirm some information with you to clarify the issue you are facing. 
May I ask if you could provide me with the relevant specifications of your memory card? Could you please take a photo or let us know the details?

Would you be able to test the transfer speed by simply moving a file from the host device to the SD card? Thank you.

This is the card I'm using:

SanDisk 1TB Quick Flow Technology Extreme PRO microSD with Adapter C10, U3, V30, A2, 200MB Read Speed 140 MB Write Speed UHS-I Card

When I transfer a file from the internal drive to the SD card I get speeds around 80 MB/s.

Check out this post. Might be a Steam issue, not device related:

Slow Micro SD Download speeds!! Fix for some! : r/SteamDeck (

Level 7

Jonny I think i found a solution to this issue. I went to Steam Settings and went to the STORAGE section.  In STORAGE Select the SD driver and you will see the 3 DOTS for option on the drive.  I selected the option to Repair the folder.  Once done select the 3 DOTS again and unmount the SD Card.  Re-mount the SD Card again by selecting the Plus( + ) button to re-add.  I fixed it for me. Pass it along Sir! 

Thanks. I just did this as well as the solution in the previous post (reddit link). It seems to have helped a little bit. Now it fluctuates between 4MB/s and 25MB/s with an average at around 12MB/s.20230620_102821.jpg

Level 9

Further information: When I download a 1GB test file to the SD card in Chrome I get an average speed of 82MB/s.