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Level 8

So I'm on my third return for my Asus rog Ally and this is in reference to several issues I've experienced and I know I'm not the only one. I've had to send my device back three times and also contacted corporate office to get this taken care of and it still does not work. I was sent a new device on the second time and the issue still persist. The micro SD card reader fry two of my one terabyte SD cards and also that micro SD card reader does not work anymore. This seems to be a common issue with rog Ally. There's an option to open up device and put an SSD in but you essentially avoid the warranty and it could also burn that out I heard because of throttling. Such a poor product Asus should be ashamed of themselves . I'm sure there are others on here that have experienced these issues but I just wanted to vent about how I am so dissatisfied with their products. I've also purchased some of their laptops and the same issues occur as far as quality control issues. Makes me want to go to these Chinese companies again to buy gaming handhelds but there's an issue of warranty and coverage since it's out of the country


Level 8

Oh and yes I did update to the latest vitals and settings this issue is more of a hardware failure issue that Asus still has not corrected and they're later models! Also these technicians have no idea what they are doing half the time. Very frustrated with this company

Level 7

What power profiles have you run games at? What temperatures has your CPU/GPU typically run at? Just curious. Got mine a few weeks ago but only run a max of 24 watts if I have to, to keep the temps down. I typically run at 18 watts if I can.

Also, sounds dumb, but just don't use an SD card. Just upgrade the SSD and run everything from there. The 1TB SSD cards are supposed to also be more prone to failure.

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