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Rog Ally real Time monitoring

Level 7

here is a YouTube video I just uploaded of my problem. And this occurs when both plugged in and adjusting wattage to maximum.


essentially the issue is when using an emulator without the real time monitor on the Audio became very crackling and distorted. But when the real time monitor is on the issue no longer occurs. I’m curious how the real time monitor solves the issue and how the issue could be resolved without the monitor being turned on. Thanks 


Level 7

here’s a much more clear video of the issue:

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Prior22 ,

I would like to confirm with you, has this issue only recently occurred? Did it happen with a specific game or all games?

Please try updating the BIOS to the latest version 337, use the uninstall tool to remove Armoury Crate SE, and reinstall it. Also, remove and reinstall the Realtek audio device driver with the latest version V6.0.9506.1 to see if the issue improves. Thank you.