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ROG Ally randomly freezing

Level 7

Hello, I am wondering "Anybody got the same issue as my ROG Ally? I can't no more play the game as it become randomly freezing at 1-2 mins after running the game."

I have tried re-install the window. Re-install Armory Crate. Still keep freezing and more often.

Help please.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Dmodream ,

I would like to confirm if your BIOS has been updated to the latest version 334. Could you let me know if your display driver is using the Asus-certified version V31.0.22017.3004?
Regarding the freezing issue, does it occur with specific games or software? Could you share the names of the games with us? Thank you.

Hello Anbby, Good to hear from you. I have checked all drivers and BIOS have already been updated as you asked.

Now it is not only freezing only when run the game. It's now randomly freezing even I tried to do something like checking on system info. Surfing on explorer. Opening steam and download the game. 

Previously it happened only when I ran the game (Dragonheir Silent Gods). But now I cannot even try other games.

I did so many reset but still have not got any better. For the 1st month everything was going fine. Never drop, never installed anything more on it. Do you have anymore solution or any case the same as


Thank you

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Dmodream ,

I would like to confirm with you whether you are using an SD card. Please try removing the SD card to see if the issue still persists. Thank you.

Hello Anbby,

Thank you for the following up. I still have the problem and it is now getting worst. 2 days ago I tried to run my ROG Ally with GPU Benchmark and after 10-15 secs, it would restart itself. So I am thinking I have the problem with my GPU. I did the factory reset on cloud recovery in the BIOS and it is now stuck black screen somehow every time after about to finish installation of windows. Finally, I cannot even turn on my ROG to normal window boot anymore.

Do you have any advice as currently I am living in the country with no service of ROG, OR could you suggest how to reset using self-installed windows in the BIOS. 

Thank you in advance.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Dmodream ,

You may refer to the instructions in this link to reinstall Windows and see if it helps improve the situation. Thank you for your cooperation.