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ROG Ally - Locked BIOS

Level 7

So I bought a refurbished unit on BestBuy and after playing with it I tried to enter the BIOS and I got a message that 'administrator password is set', but I didn't put it so I have no idea what the password is.
Is there a way to reset/remove the admin password?

(Gogin physically to the store or return the product is not an option, I'm too far away from any store)

(I have the device serial number and receipt of purchase obviously and correctly registered under my account)


Customer Service Agent

Hi @tglaria ,

The BIOS password is a user-set and personal information. ASUS does not collect your password in our system. If you forget or lose the password , please visit an ASUS authorized service center to resolve the issue, which may incur repair charges.
The following link provides information for your reference. Thank you.


Level 7

That's the whole point, when I received the device it already had the password set (and since I did not write the password, it's not like I lost it or forgot it).

Is there no "emergency reset" for the bios password?