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Rog Ally Freezing

Level 7

Last week or so I’ve been having some issues with my ROG freezing while playing WoW: Retail. The first few days or so it ran really well with no issues at all. Then out of nowhere it would black screen and freeze up for about 30+ seconds and come back, and at times needing a hard reset. Tonight it has done this black screen/freeze 6 times in about 20 minutes.  Just curious if it’s happening to anyone else. Like I said, it ran perfect for the first week on normal settings.


Level 8

Is WoW installed on the hard disk or on an SD card?  I have had problems reading games off the SD card?

Level 8

Have you find a fix for this? Just bought the Ally once I found out you could play wow on it and same issues. I log into game and can run around for about a min and it goes black. Comes back sometimes and sometimes I have to just hard reset. Side note, rocket league will play for a while and just crashes to desktop. So far the games I bought the ally to play wont play on it.