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Rog Ally - Dolphin and PCSX2 with DirectX 12 keeps crashing.

Level 9

I have serious problems with Dolphin. In both my notebook and Steam deck (Windows) I run version 5.0 with high DirectX12 settings without problems. While on Rog Ally I get crashes after few seconds. I've also tried the most up-to-date versions of Dolphin. I think the gpu drivers just can't get it to work decently... Has anyone come across what I say? I also uninstalled and reinstalled DirectX. I can't believe I can get games to run on Steam Deck with all graphics settings maxed out and on Rog Ally it doesn't work. I think I will buy a steam deck again. The graphics settings I set are 8x SSAA anti-aliasing, 16X Anisotropic Filtering. I tried different configurations also lowering the screen resolution and eliminating the graphic improvements. I can't get it to work, the dolphin emulator stops working and freezes the whole system with a white then black screen and finally closes after a few seconds. Sometimes I have to force shutdown. I have the exact same problem with the PCSX2 emulator.


If we don't see the same problems with the 7840u, it means that the problem is only with this device. The cause could be the bios or amd driver configuration. Let the Asus engineers work, maybe together with amd they will surely find a solution.

Level 8

I've been experiencing the same issue on PCSX2. Experiencing crashes in these games currently;

  • Ratched & Clank
  • Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Someone posted to the Ally Subreddit showing a crash in Deathloop that looks like the same issue being discussed here

Customer Service Agent

Thank you to provide information , I will add them into escalation report. Will update once I receive result. 

Is there any update regarding this issue? So far i've had a 100% hit rate with DX12 in PCSX2 which is frustrating as this is the primary reason I got the device, so I didn't have to go dig out the old hardware and could take it with me.

Customer Service Agent

Apologies for the delay in providing progress updates. We are actively addressing the issues raised by our valued users. It's important to note that the emulator operates within a legally ambiguous area.

To ensure compliance and avoid any copyright concerns, we will be conducting thorough internal research and implementing necessary optimizations in upcoming software updates. We kindly request you to update your machine to the latest version, as it will greatly improve your experience. We truly appreciate your continued support and understanding. Thank you.

Level 8

I fixed the issue by increasing Vram to 6GB in the bios

Level 8

I'm on latest bios 323, drivers, softwares, every thing are update. I have same problem on PCSX2 on Black at 3x resolution, 5-10  minutes of gamimng on DX12, it crashes. I prefer DX12 because it use less TDP then other API's 

Customer Service Agent


Did you try different Vram size under bios settings?

My vram is set on auto, but I already try to set 4,5 and 6GB, no results