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Rog Ally Dock Issues, Not allowing 30W Turbo mode

Level 8

Hello All, It appears me and some others are having issues with docks / hubs not allowing 30W turbo mode. I have personally tried 4 different chargers, all that support Power delivery of 100W+ and 4 different Docks and hubs all allowing 100W PD. No matter what combination I use, I cannot get any of them to allow 30W turbo mode. I confirmed their 100W capability with with ROG Zephyrus G15 Laptop and an Anker 737 Battery bank. All of them, in every combination, will charge my G15 and Anker 737. The Anker 737 display confirms its charging at a minimum of 90W, this is well above the 65W requirement for 30W Turbo Mode. This seems to be a software/bios issue that hopefully Asus can fix. I have also added a video, of the Armory Crate Notification.


The docked 25 watt turbo mode goes above 45w so it does the pseudo turbo that some report. Also the amazon site of the dock says it does 100w pd to the device. Syntech 6 in 1 dock. Using a 100 w anker cable and 100 w anker power brick. Writing with the support of the dock they claim its a issue with the asus device. Could be the docks fault but then its false advertising on syntechs side.

Given that this is occurring with different docks, I’d say it’s an Ally issue. 

Level 8

you should read my post. it's not a dock issue, 140w  and 120w chargers and docks and hubs do not allow the ally to turbo up to 53W when docked on manual mode. yes you can get 30 on some docks but i meant unlocking everything to  max. 

Level 7

Hello, the problem with turbo mode is simple and ASUS fault to sell their own dock.

USB PD is limioted to 20 volt but if you check the asus charger spec you see it deliver 21 volt .

Thx ASUS for this to sell thier own dock, but said dock is not in stock since the launch !


I have a 100w supply and a Mokin 7 in 1 which is supposed to do 100w delivery fine. Plugging in the 100w supply directly I get 30w turbo, plug it through the Mokin to Ally i only get 25w turbo, does anyone know of a dock that does the 30w? thanks in advance  

A lot of people have this exact problem. Some say it's just a GUI issue as they are pushing more than 25W when using the dock. 

The odd thing is many are saying now that its working after a fix - if this is the case which dock would work with it ?  Ive also emailed Mokin as well 

I'm not seeing it work, yet. 

What do they mean when it works? Does it show correctly in the command center? Or is it that they are measuring the power or some other indicator?


working as in showing 30w in armoury crate - however im not convinced, I have emailed Mokin they said their docks do not support 30w turbo, Ive emailed jsaux and they have said that certain supplies over 100w have allowed some of their docks to enable 30w turbo in armoury crate, I have asked which supplies, however they havent got back to me yet.