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ROG Ally already registered

Level 7

I purchased a second hand ROG Ally and the seller provided me with the original receipt from Currys UK. I'm unable to register the Ally as it has already been registered under the previous owner. Is it possible to get the registration transferred to my account? I can provide proof of receipt if required. 


Level 7

If you are able to, ask the seller if he can email Asus and ask them to unregister the device from his name.

The previous owner did this for me, and Asus removed the serial from his account (after a few of days) and I was able to then register the device on my account 👍 

Hi thanks for your reply, do you know which email address they used to contact ASUS and what they said in the email? Appreciate any help you can give me! 

It was this one: 

ASUS UK Support Team.

But we are in the UK, so it might be different depending where you are..

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Callumc90 ,
Due to the need for your personal information.
I have sent you a message, please check✉. Thank you

I need a help with that also. I message you like 3 weeks ago. But no response from you yet. Thanks