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Rog ally 3rd party dock drained battery

Level 8

I have problem with rog ally with jsaux dock 6in1 + baseus 100w charger

Basically with everything fully plugged to the dock (ethernet and usb) my ally doesnt want to charge at turbo and slowly drained my battery 

i even turn down the watt or power manually to 25 it still doesnt charge

Someone said it because restrictions on bios that doesnt let 3rd party dock to fully work, i hope kinda asus let 3rd party dock work cuz i already spent lot of money on this


Customer Service Agent

Hi @feel2death ,

Has your BIOS been updated to the latest version 336?
Currently, we have not received user feedback regarding BIOS restrictions causing third-party DOCKs to be unable to charge ALLY. When the DOCK is connected to ALLY, can other devices still be detected, except for the charging issue? (Ethernet and USB devices/screens)

Yes already everything updated 

Other decice run well (ethernet etc) but only battery still draining 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @feel2death ,

Hi @feel2death ,

Thank you for your reply. I tested it with the Baseus (BS--OH115) + UKKO 100W charger, and it charges normally at 30W/15W/10W. Some users have reported that using the jsaus 6in 1 dock cannot achieve 30W turbo, while others have stated that it works fine. However, not charging at all is indeed an abnormal phenomenon. May I ask if you have tested other products connected to the jsaus 6in 1 dock to see if they can charge normally? Thank you.

Hi anbby thanks for the reply

Did u use it when in high load for long time like playing heavy triple AAA games and make sure u plug everything in ur baseus dock (or better use hdd/ssd usb too on it)

Its charging normaly sometimes if playing low or non heavy games like old nfs hot pursuit etc but the moment i play heavy game like cod or mhw on high that when the device start draining 

Please let me know if you have result with heavy game so we can make sure there something wrong with the dock not the rog ally 

Level 8


I have the same problem :
Dock = iVanky 6&1
Charger = Anker 100W

When I plug everything (Keyboard + Mouse + External Monitor) and i'm on desktop everything is fine but as soon as i'm in a game (FH5, Star Wars BF2, GTA 5) at 30W Turbo my battery is draining.

I tried to unplug everything except the dock (still in the game) but my battery was still draining.

I replaced the Anker by the official charger (65W) but the battery was still draining.

The only solution was to go at 10W to finally be able to have a charge but it is unplayable !!!

So is the dock the problem because it is 3rd party ?

I looked more than 20 reddit and asus pages but i'm lost

Buying the Asus official dock isn't cheap and i'm not even assured it will work

Sorry feel2death to "steal" your post but you're the most recent post with this problem so i want Asus to know you're not alone

Thank you for helping me to make this problem noticeable by asus 

Im already post on reddit too the only way to make ot work is using asus 3in1 charger with hdmi 

But the usb are 2.0 which are suck for hdd usb or anything and he said the problem is bios restrictions to make 3rd party dock doesnt fully load the wattage 


Some guys on YouTube seem to dock with uGreen products without loss of battery but i think they are at 25W

I also saw someone saying it might be the cable but i don't see Anker giving me a 100w charger with a week cable, it make no sense to me

I was planning to buy a 240w PD Cable but with the research you made you can tell it's no use ?

So for now if i want to play with a monitor (HDMI + USB-C), a keyboard (USB) and a mouse (USB) without losing battery i need to buy their 3 in 1 ?

Especially since it will force me to buy an additional adapter to connect everything (because of the few port of their charger) ?

Well i found some post here as you say even they 3in1 seem drained the battery too

I suspect its heat problem cuz when this device reach certain degree temp with the dock they refuse to charging and slowly draining the battery but if only using oem charger that come with device and plug it straight it run well without discarging so take this as grain of salt

Im kinda sick for this maybe i should sell this and never trust asus again 

Yes the lack of solutions and explanations from Asus about this problem is discouraging

At least if we were able to put a culprit we could find a way to solve this problem but here set aside theories we can't progress further

I bought the Ally for its performance among others so it would be a perfect "Little PC" but if I can only play with the charger straight... 

(P.S. : For your theory it's true that when docked and in AAA titles my temp' increased really fast )