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Rog 65W gaming charger dock just stopped working

Level 7

I bought this dock less than 2 months now, and i used to dock the Rog Ally on my tv.

Today out of nowhere it doesnt work anymore, and it gives a message "display may be limited", tried with other tvs, it just stopped working out of nowhere!


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Juliohcf ,

I would like to confirm with you whether you are using the latest released version of your BIOS (V330) and display driver version (VV31.0.21029.6002) from the official website?

Have you tried replacing the cables or cross-testing with another monitor to see if the issue persists?

If you have already cross-tested the cables and monitors, and the issue still exists, could you please share the brand and model of your monitor? Additionally, providing relevant error messages and details about the cable connection through photos or videos would be helpful for us to further assist you. Thank you for your cooperation.

Tried update the Bios and the Driver. Still not worked.

Tried switch cables and Tvs (one samsung tv and one LG tv) both not working anymore. And the only error message is “display may be limited”. And again one day was working now its gone.