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Right Trigger not responding in Older games

Level 7

This issue needs to be addressed by Asus. I purchased this device to play older games that did not have native gamepad support. Older games that I have played like Stalker, Redneck Rampage, Quake 2, etc do not respond to right trigger pulls. I have experimented with changing deadzones, binding keyboard inputs to the right trigger and nothing works. I have done a calibration in Armoury crate, I even tried to RMA my unit and they told me there was nothing wrong. Asus...please address this issue. I am not the only user---this is a known issue in the community. As of this writing I have counted eight other users like myself complaining in this forum about this exact issue concerning the Rog Ally Right trigger not responding with older games. Im considering going with a Steam Deck because Valve's device is not riddled with these software-related issues for the exact games I mentioned. In addition to the trigger issue I wanted to point out that Armoury Crate is a buggy mess and freezes every time I attempt to make changes.  I am forced to open task manager to force-close it only for it to freeze once again on the next go-around. Its so frustrating that I end up going to play my other devices. How this device goes for $700 is beyond me.


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