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Odd issue with Disk Manager and SD Card.

Level 7

I got my Ally back in June/July, I preoreded it and just don't remember when i got it exactly. I remember formatting an SD Card I bought, but after that took it out of my Ally and have not inserted one since. However, today I tried and nothing happened, so i tried to determine if it was a hardware or software issue. I went to device manager and the only thing showing up was my SSD. I plugged in and external card reader and everything showed up. Must be a bad card reader on the Ally? But to make sure I went disk drivers in device manager and uninstalled devices. After a restart my SD card showed up in device manager but not in file explorer. I then tried to see what the SD card was formatted in, just in case. When I went to disk management it just sat there trying to connect to virtual disks. If I removed the SD card it would connect, plug back in the SD card and it no longer shows up in device manager. Because of all that Im like 85% sure its a hardware issue but I thought Id ask on here before trying to do RMA. Also for what its worth I had a lot of issues updating the bios a few times. Ended up having to do a clean reinstall to fix it which is another reason I don't want to do the RMA. If I have to go through the process of setting everything up again in windows because they wipe my drive id rather just not have an SD card reader haha.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Drevis ,

According to your description, we recommend that you send your ALLY to the local repair center for further hardware testing during the warranty period to ensure your usage rights. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you.

Hi Anbby, so I tried going through the asus sight to do and RMA which told me to contact best buy. However, when I called them I was told if its a manufacture warranty to go through you guys. I was hoping you could clear that up for me.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Drevis ,

Thank you for your reply. Could you please provide your product serial number and contact information through private message? I will further assist you in the confirmation. Thank you.