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New ROG Ally - some problems (WiFi, Light)

Level 7

Hello, I am new to the ROG Ally party, but the first 7 hours are very frustrating, even for a experienced guy.

I updated everything I saw on MyASUS, website and ArmoryCore (or whatever they call this). 

1. Issue: The RGB light around the right stick doesn’t work. Guess it is an hardware issue, because they never worked.

2. WiFi speed is terrible slow. I tried to download StarField, FC24 and Baldurs Gate 3, but my downloads are painfully slow at 5-12 Mbit. When I check WiFi information, 850MBit is shown at 5Ghz. No change after limiting to 5G or AC instead of AX. I wanted to upgrade the graphics driver, but it was so slow, even after one hour the download wasn’t completed. 

Maybe someone can help. 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Allystor ,

I would like to confirm with you whether you have updated your BIOS to the latest version 334.
Based on your description, there may be a hardware issue. If you have recently purchased the product, to ensure your rights, we recommend contacting the retailer for further assistance. If you have owned the product for some time, please take your Ally to the authorized service center in your local area for further testing. Thank you for your understanding