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New ROG Ally BIOS is broken - very loud. broken manual settings and unstable HDMI signal

Level 9

New BIOS is broken:

- standard settings 25 watt are way too loud. I know that some people had problems with microSD cards so Asus decided to lower temperature but I don't use microSD card. Standard settings above 15 watt are unplayable because device is way too loud

- manual settings don't work at all. Fan curves are always set to 100% and can't be changed to anything lower. Even in 7-10 watt TDP you need to set fan to 100%. It is not possible to set anything lower than max.

- HDMI signal is unstable. Every 5-10 minutes my TV show black screen with message "no signal detected". I need disconnect USB and connect it again. This happens only on this new BIOS

- HDMI signal show strange errors on screen every 30 seconds. Image flickering and some geometric shapes are drawn on screen. In every TDP even 10 watt when device is cold (Windows desktop). This bios is just broken


I understand that this special emergency BIOS was created because few people had problem with MicroSD cards. You tried to lower temperature of device. But now device that is louder than airplane jet and HDMI signal is unstable. I stopped to use by ROG Ally and just want return it to shop. This is no longer device I bought a month ago

Please allow us use previous BIOS. I don't care about microSD card errors. I don't use microSD card





Customer Service Agent

Hi @BBB ,

I would like to confirm some details regarding the HDMI issue. Could you please let me know how you are connecting the TV? Did you use any DOCK to connect it?
Furthermore, regarding the error you mentioned on the screen, would it be possible for you to record a video or take a screenshot to help us further investigate this issue?

Regarding the fan concern, thank you for your feedback. We will relay this issue to the relevant department in the hope of providing users with a better overall experience in the future.

LG OLED TV 2020 (HDMI 2.1) connected to docking station JAUX HB0603 (HDMI 2.0) by HDMI 2.1 cable (48 Gbps). This dock support only HDMI 2.0 so use 1080p signal 119.88 Hz with 10-bit color information (HDR 10). I use standard power supply 65 watt so I can use only 25 watt mode. Full 30 watt is not available when I use dock

Why 119.88Hz? When I set 120Hz then Windows set active signal to 1440p 120Hz which is above HDMI 2.0 bandwidth - lots of errors. So I don't use that setting. When I set 119.88Hz then Windows set active signal to 1080p 119.88Hz and image is stable over HDMI 2.0. My TV support 1080p - 59.94 Hz, 60Hz, 119.88Hz and 120Hz when I connect ROG by this dock. I tested all of them and 119.88Hz have best results and allow for HDR 10 which is not possible on 120Hz when Windows use 8-bit signal with simulated HDR. 

On previous bios everything works great in 119.88 Hz. But now device sometimes show me flickering on left side of screen. But this is very fast. Single frame, Like image shifted by few pixels to side. One bad frame every few minutes. It looks like some problems with bandwidth. I had a lot more of those errors when I tested 120 Hz. Bigger problem is unstable signal. Because every few minutes signal is lost. Sometimes image is black for 1 second... but sometimes TV disconnect from device forever and show 'no signal' until I disconnect USB and connect it again. When this happens both device and TV have black screen. ROG Ally thinks that TV is still connected so screen is black and TV thinks that device is disconnected and also show black screen with "no signal'. When I disconnect USB then image is visible again on ROG and when I connect again it is visible also on TV. Active game is not affected. Just image is not visible on any screen. I don't had this problem on previous bios

I can't take a picture of flickering because it is very fast and black screen is just a black screen. I can send you some information from dxdiag if this help or run any other diagnostics programs. But it looks like some problems with USB to HDMI 2.1 connection with HDMI 2.0 dock between. I hope this description help.

Best Regards



Customer Service Agent

Hi @BBB ,

Have you updated to the latest BIOS version, BIOS323, which was released recently?

Not yet. I will update bios and check if this fixed problems with HDMI

New bios don't fixed any bugs. Device is still broken and it is even louder than before. I can't use it anymore:

- all manual settings are broken

- it is not possible to change fan settings in manual mode. If you touch them they always is reset to max value even on 7 watt settings,. 

Asus just need allow people to install older bios or return device to stores with full refund. It is unusable after those two broken bios. It looks that nobody testing their firmware. I regret that I bought this device and update bios.  It is so sad that great device was ruined by poor quality firmware 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @BBB ,


I would like to confirm with you if you have tested using a 100W power source when using the dock. 

Given that using the dock does draw some wattage, we suggest giving it a try with a 100W power source for testing purposes. Thank you.

I used only original Asus power source. I don't care about 30 watt mode. For me 25 watt is enough. I just want this device to be silent like before. Now it is so loud that it is hard to use it anymore. 

I understand that design of device was bad and some people had problems with memory card but I don't use memory card. Why my device need to be so loud?