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Need A Gpu Update For Call Of Duty MWIII Asus Rog Ally

Level 8

Hello , Need a Gpu driver update for the Asus Rog Ally , the last game Call Of Duty MWIII need it, a message ask to update the driver, and the game crash or freeze randomly independantly of Vram used .

Thanks to consider it quickly , the 7840u have the driver yet so please make it .



Customer Service Agent

Hi @Neakel ,

Could you please provide the following information through private message along with the  screenshots for the Call of Duty MWIII update driver prompt? Additionally, if possible, could you record a video demonstrating any game crashes or lag for further investigation? Once I receive the information, I will provide feedback to the relevant team for further confirmation.


(1) Serial Number:
(2) BIOS Version:
(3) Display Driver Version:
(4) Game Version:


Thank you for your cooperation.


Hello Anbby my Rog Ally have the last driver amd and the last bios 333 provide by Asus , Armoury Crate and My Asus .

I think i found the problem and unfortunely it s a ram problem and network with server activision issue.

The Rog Ally need 32 gb of ram to allocate min 8gb of Vram and have the necessary ram

Call of Duty Need 6 gb of Vram and we cannot put settings on high because the game crash , need more ram. If we put on low or medium the game work fine.

But wrazone need 4 or 5 max vram  , and low settongs need a lot of ram than multiplayer , so if you make a refresh of the Ally on 2024 with the new chip of AMD with 16cu  and 32 gb i will defintivly buy it .

Thanks , otherway i want to work At Asus to make the new device 😂

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Neakel ,

Regarding the issue with driver updates, I will provide feedback to the relevant department for further confirmation. 

Please refer to the configuration guide provided in this link ,try adjusting Vram and other relevant settings to see if there is any improvement. Thank you.