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myASUS Warranty notification

Level 9

I got a notification on my Ally from the myASUS app referencing my warranty. When the notification came up, I was getting ready to shut the unit down because I was leaving and in a bit of a hurry. When I opened the notification area there were two boxes, one saying Extend Warranty, and another saying Later. Right when I was closing the notification I caught a glimpse of the words "at no cost to you" but it was too late. When I got back home I checked myASUS to see if there was something in there about extending the warranty or a paid customer support but so far have been unable to find anything related to the notification. I was wondering if there was some sort of promotion or something going on or if it was just something myASUS throws out every so often even if what its offering isn't really available. Cause if there's a no cost warranty or customer support promotion going on I'd definitely be interested. 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Agriwulf ,

After verification, I would like to inform you that ALLY come with a one-year warranty and repair service (excluding damages caused by human factors). Currently, ALLY does not offer any additional extended warranty services for purchase.
Hope this information is helpful to you. Thank you for your understanding.