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Mapping Raikiri Buttons to Armory Crate and Command Center

Level 9

I’ve seen some posts on this forum about this already, but I’m making another to show that there is some considerable demand/interest for/in this feature. 

I recently purchased a ROG Ally and the Raikiri controller to accompany it, my main way of playing the device is going to be docked mode and I would love to be able to access the command center in particular with just the controller. Binding this to one of the back buttons would allow me to switch to desktop input mode, enable/disable the gamepad inputs, etc, all without needing to get up, reach behind my TV, and do touch input on the smaller screen until I get into a game.

Anyways, other than this I’ve been loving the device and the controller so far, just wish I could bind these buttons.


Level 8

really hope ASUS ROG will allow the raikiri pro to trigger command center by using the M buttons

Customer Service Agent

Hi @oc @JuNyAo84 ,

Thank you for providing valuable feedback.
We will pass on this information to the relevant team for further evaluation, and we hope to provide users with a better experience in the future.