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Left thumbstick light quit working

Level 9

I was on my Ally and everything was working fine, then while it was shutting down and after windows had shut down the left thumbstick light shut off right before the right light and then the unit powered down. Now, even after multiple reboot attempts the left light will not come on. I've tried turning the lights off and back on in settings but it has no effect. I think it's an Armoury Crate problem because I just updated it yesterday.  I'm going to keep playing around and see if I can reinstall Aura or something. Hopefully I can get it figured out.


Level 9

I uninstalled the Armoury Crate Service by accident, I went to modify it to see if there was a repair option but it just removed it. After a restart I ran Armoury Crate and it reinstalled the service, still didn't fix it. I may just have to wait for a new bios or Armoury Crate update, I dunno. I'm hoping it's not a hardware problem, so for the time being I've just disabled the lights across the board.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Agriwulf ,

Please try removing ASUS System Control Interface v3, uninstalling Armoury Crate SE using the uninstall tool, and then reinstalling ASUS System Control Interface v3 V3.1.24.0 and Armoury Crate SE. Also, adjust RGB effects in Armoury Crate SE [Lighting]-[Settings] to see if there is any improvement. Thank you.