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Extreme vibration sounds like it could damage device

Level 7

3dnew ally z1 extreme has issues after about and hour or so of playing. Unit is not getting hot as I am playing older games and running at 10watts. The only fix to the issue is to reboot the device. I have even turned off vibration in the menus and it still vibrates when I plug it in. It's a horrible noise and sounds like it's spinning at a higher voltage than is normal.  I'm sure this is effecting battery life and could cause damage to other boards in the handheld if my thought is right.  Seen other posts of people returning and the same issue is happening on the new device.  Is this a firmware issue. I would hate to return it, as I enjoy the hand held when it works correctly


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Bdubby ,

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Hello, I have the same issue, there's some solution to this?