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External SSD not detecting by Rog Ally

Level 7

On 10th of November 2023 After Windows Updation by device itself I got the problem in my Device that it is not detecting my External SSD its showing that its connected but not able to use. To verify this, I connect my external SSD to another ROG Ally same product as I have, and SSD is working properly to it. Then I contact to the service center, and they provide me home assistance later on technician performed ADT and WTP test, but problem was remaining same. Then I went to the Service center of ASUS on next day and there I had submitted my ROG Ally to the Team. They called me after few days that your device motherboard has to be changed so i have given permission to the technician to replace with new one. I visited 3 times to service center but still problem persists.Please help me out.The technician told me that this is an exceptional case and we cannot do anything right now. 


Level 7

Resolved by my own efforts. No help from ASUS Support. Very Disappointing

Customer Service Agent

Hi @satyam2 ,

Could you please provide your product serial number and RMA number through private message for further investigation? Additionally, could you share the method you used to resolve this issue? Thank you.