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EAFC 24 still doesn't work on the "new" graphics driver

Level 7

I have updated my graphics driver, firmware, and all other things that are available as of 26/10/2023 and the game still won't work. also why is the graphics driver that is available which is a september release which was awful for EA FC why can't we get up to date drivers directly from amd this is ludicrous. my AMD pc is on 16/10/2023 graphics driver otherwise known as 23.10.2 that fixed the problem with ea fc. please let us update directly from amd not wait 2 months for already old graphics drivers that don't solve the problem. 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Moviekiller97 ,

Thank you for your patience. The new version of the AMD driver, V31.0.21029.8004, is available for download via MyASUS notification. The update file will also be made available for download on our official website soon. Kindly try updating to version V31.0.21029.8004 and test it out. Thank you for your cooperation.