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DO NOT BUY an ROG Ally Until Asus ADRESSES the SD Card Issue fully

Level 7

Well, I have to say, I'm probably never buying another ASUS product again after dealing with the ROG Ally and ASUS' customer service. 

It's partly my fault - I assumed a global company would have global support (like Razer) and would support products bought anywhere in the world. Egg on my face. I purchased an Ally at Best Buy in the US, and took it back with me to Japan where I'm currently in university. Of course, it has the dreaded SD card reader issue and has already destroyed one of my 512 GB cards. 

I was advised by Asus' own US team to get the device RMA'd here in Japan...however, since the serial number is a US serial number, I can't even submit a support ticket since the system keeps telling me "your serial number is invalid". Seriously, ASUS, how could Razer who is notoriously bad at customer service have figured this one out and you guys are still using region specific support channels? I mean who would have thought someone would want to travel with a handheld gaming device? 

Asus and heat just don't go together and I should have learned my lesson after my Asus G15 vented heat across the screen and it was so bad it warped the plastic screen covering. I was out of warranty on that one, but the ROG is like three weeks old and now I'm stuck with a device that doesn't do something it was advertised as doing. 

Hope the cash was worth it Asus cos it's the last you'll get out of me. 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @eldamien ,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Regarding warranties, ASUS provides international warranty support for some products, while others are covered only by local warranties in the purchasing region. Dealers should inform customers whether a device is covered by a local or international warranty at the time of sale. If the product falls under a local warranty, repair services must be obtained locally. We recommend sending the product to a warranty-covered area within the warranty period, where the service team can assist you further with the RMA process.

Additionally, regarding the issue with your laptop, could you please provide more information and send the serial number via private message for further investigation? Thank you.

Why are you still selling a defective product to customers? This is misleading..

Level 8

Hold off on purchasing the ROG Ally until Asus resolves the SD card issue completely. Users report ongoing problems, hindering functionality. Ensure a seamless experience by waiting for Asus to address this concern before making your purchase decision. Your satisfaction and peace of mind matter.

You are 100% right. Asus should be ashamed of themselfs for still selling a defective product and not adressing the issue.