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Disabling the Two LEDs on the Top of the Ally?

Level 9

Hello, does anybody know how to disable or tweak the behavior of the two LED lights on the top of the Ally? I found out how to disable the joystick lights when the console is asleep, but I have not been able to stop the LEDs being lit on the top.

Even a way to stop the one LED from pulsating twice every few seconds would be an amazing improvement. I keep the Ally in my room and when the lights are out it’s incredibly distracting to have the white light constantly pulsating.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @oc ,

I would like to confirm with you, are you referring to the two indicator lights next to the volume keys?
If you remove the charger, the power indicator light will not illuminate.
Due to the nature of the hardware device, the indicator light cannot be disabled.
If the indicator light is disabled, it may lead to a misjudgment of the hardware device's operation.
We appreciate your understanding. Thank you.

Yes, those are the lights I’m referring to. The one with a battery logo will be illuminated steadily, but the light bulb one pulsates distractingly every so often. 
If there is no way to control their behavior that is understandable, I just wanted to ask on the forum before I resorted to anything else since this is a fairly niche question.

I think for now I will resort to fully turning off my ROG every time I am not using it. Another solution may be to tape over the lights but I’m hesitant to start putting adhesives on this expensive device that can get somewhat warm while running.