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Common issue on Asus ROG Ally? Charger connected but battery still drains with or w/o battery care?

Level 7

Common issue on Asus ROG Ally? Charger connected but battery still drains with or w/o battery care?

It is set to 80% but there are times that it still drains even with very minimal applications or so connected on my ally.

Even without using the 9-1 docking station UGreen, with a 100w usb type c cable and charger also Ugreen.

If I use the stock charging set for the ally, the issue still happens. As mentioned, it happens from time to time and constantly I have to restart my ally to get it resolved.

From how I monitor it on hwinfo, the charging rate is going down to 1w or so when the issue happens. Is there a fix on this bug or do we have to live with this? I just got this last month and it was NEVER giving this weird issue even with my docking station before.
If I close all applications running in Windows, it will start SLOWLY charging again up to 80% and I could see from 1watt it goes up to 5w or so. 
Sometimes, unplugging the charging cable and charger would make it work but MOST of the time a restart is needed. 

I have seen numerous post in this forums as well as reddit with this same issue and no one seems to be able to narrow down what is causing it.


Level 7


Level 7

no customer support on this forum? 

Level 7

Gosh so I guess support is dead here in this forum

Customer Service Agent

Hi @booterbotter ,

You mentioned that the issue still persists even when using the original charger. I would like to confirm with you if the original charger is directly connected to the Ally or if it is connected through a dock.
Would it be possible for you to record a video demonstrating the issue and provide the following information and HWinfo details via private message for further investigation? Thank you.

  • Serial Number:
  • BIOS Version:
  • Windows Build Version: (Settings - System - About)
  • Armoury Crate SE > Content Tab > System > About > Service Version > Check Button (Copy all content):