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Cloud recovery hangs at the same spot (after windows install)

Level 7

I decided to run cloud recovery to wipe my device, no real problems i just wanted a fresh start. Now the problem, i've tried 5 times and every time after successfully downloading and installing everything then booting into windows to run its last configure tasks, it hangs at configuring USMT. I've left it here for 3+ hours multiple times and it never proceeds. In the meantime the admin account it's using to run this shows as disabled and doesn't let you do anything so I can't even manually create another account. Anyone else hit this or have any ideas?




Customer Service Agent

Hi @talios ,

I would like to confirm with you whether your BIOS has been updated to the latest version 336 and if you have tested it again in a different network environment?
Additionally, could you let us know if you performed the cloud recovery through MyASUS in UEFI or WinRE? Thank you.