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Charging issue after 338 update

Level 8

It seems like several ally owners are reporting the same issue with charging after the update. When playing power demanding games on turbo plugged CHARGING stops after a couple of hours. It diverted to my DC profile 18w manual with a higher fan curve and after around 10 mins charging works again. This recurs after a while when the temperature hits acertain level during gameplay. This issue did not happen to me EVER with the previous updates. Using the original charger without any other accessories. It seems to be a temperature issue caused by the BIOS 338 update since they adjusted the fan curve to make it little more silent. I don’t mind the noise at all for as long as the device would work as intended.


Level 8

I'm more than sure that this issue is caused by the update. I already wrote a post about a similar situation that you're experiencing. I had to roll back to version 337 to confirm this. And indeed, on version 337, I never had the problems that I faced with version 338, despite conducting numerous tests and stress tests. We need to wait for a fix from Asus or roll back to version 337. Alternatively, you could make custom fan settings to suit your needs.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Chex88888 ,

Thank you for providing information.I have forwarded the information to the relevant department.
We will provide you with any new updates as soon as possible.