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Cannot redeem 3 month GP offer - Canadian

Level 7

Greetings all.

First off let me tell you these facts up front.

Yes I have gone to the Windows Store app and found the "Included with device" section and tried to redeem there.

Yes I have my region set to CANADA.

Yes my addresses are correct in every way.

Yes I bought my Ally NEW!

I ONLY HAVE ONE MS ACCOUNT so no I am not using a seperate account.

I do not use VPNS either.


Now that we got that out of the way.....When I try to redeem it wants me to add a payment method....which I already have in my Microsoft account but that's beside the wants me to do it AGAIN.  So I do....or at least I try to until it wants me to put in my country and "zip code" ( I am guessing that is what you Americans use instead of a postal code ) and ocountry....which is GREYED OUT and cannot be selected.

As I said above....I went to account microsoft com and spend literally an hour and a half going over EVERY DARN SETTING THERE WAS and everything is correct and pointing to CANADA as my region.

So....admin can you please either supply me with a CANADIAN CODE instead of this nonsense or see what you can do for your Canadian users?  It would be much appreciated.


Cheers eh?


Level 7


Level 7

Hey.  Does support actually exist here or would I have better luck talking to a rock?

Level 7

Well it looks like Asus support is as bad as they say it is.  Thanks for proving that.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Digikid ,

Sorry for the late reply. Due to the need for your personal information.
I have sent you a message, please check✉. Thank you