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Resolved! The taskbar became small after reinstalling Windows

In an attempt to solve the problem of slow performance caused by the latest Windows update, I tried to repair Windows and reinstall through the settingsThe problem is that after I did this the task bar became small and there is no problem with the dr...

ROG Ally input lag when docked

Hello! Just got my new ally. I love it except there is input lag on all devices when docked. Im using the official dock that plugs into the wall. My drivers are all up to date from armory crate. Its a slight delay enough to be noticable. I noticed th...

ROG Ally XG Mobile bad performance

Okay, I genuinely have no idea what on earth is going on. So, for starters I have the XG Mobile 6850mXT. For about a week or so my Ally wouldn't wake up and I had to turn it off and on again for it to connect to my monitor. I thought this was my moni...

Resolved! ROG Ally No Gamepass sub after service

Dear Asus,I had a service event and my 3 month free XBox Gamepass subscription offef disappeared. I've read similar posts in this forum, but those where closed. Can you please help me?Thank you kindly in advance!

Tefl0n by Level 7
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Unable to Register ROG Ally I Purchased Used

I purchased a ROG Ally used through Facebook Marketplace. I have been trying to register it, but the original owner registered it to himself. I've seen a few posts where this was fixed for people, but I'm unable to reply in those to try to get help. ...

Rog Ally real Time monitoring

https://youtube.com/shorts/2IxXGhwpcf4?si=Vi9U_ZwytCfbLn7shere is a YouTube video I just uploaded of my problem. And this occurs when both plugged in and adjusting wattage to maximum. essentially the issue is when using an emulator without the real t...

Prior22 by Level 7
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ASUS ROG Ally product already registered

Hello! I just bought my ASUS ROG Ally second handed, but I can’t register it to my account. It says it’s already registered. Can someone help me so I can register it to my account? Or is it not possible?