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Cant update Bios from 3.15 to 3.22

For some unknown reason when I need to restart the Ally after downloading either a windows or bios update it freezes at the splash screen. It then blinks with the blue lights and freezes. I have to hold the power button down for about 40 secs so it b...

Muzza24 by Level 7
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Ally Refuse to power on, need to do multiple tries. Help

My Ally of 3days does not power on, need to do multiple tries and the battery is full charge, it's very random, sometimes it power on immediately sometimes it doesn't. I realise if power is plug in, it will power on first try. https://www.veed.io/vie...

Why is performance gap

Hello I have owned my rog ally since day one, however I am concerned about the performance gap with the z1e and the 7840u apus. Gaming benchmarks put the 7840u almost ten frames a second ahead of the z1e.can you explain why this is ? Is it a driver i...

Docking issues

I posted this (first part) as a reply to another similar thread, but wanted to see if it can get more visibility this way.  Today, I started havimg this problem as well, with the offivial ROG dock.  it seems to be related to it trying to kick on 30w ...

Simtone by Level 7
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ROG Allly gaming dock issue

Hey everyone, I recently purchased the rog ally and got the gaming dock.  The dock is plugged into my tv and worked perfect yesterday.  Today the ROG Ally continues to vibrate and the speed of the unit has slowed to a crawl.  The minute I unplug the ...

kfarley by Level 7
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SD card reader gets too hot and destroys SD cards

Hello all, I just read this article on a German site. It looks like there will be a big exchange action coming to ASUS. The SD card reader apparently gets too hot and destroys the SD card.This will then also be the reason why some users have problems...

ox_eye by Level 9
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Resolved! Armory crate SE won’t install after reset

After upgrading the internal SSD storage, there have been various issues. But the main problem now is that Armoury Crate SE won’t install after resetting through cloud recovery, which was repeated several times. Pressing the armoury crate buttons on ...

myASUS Warranty notification

I got a notification on my Ally from the myASUS app referencing my warranty. When the notification came up, I was getting ready to shut the unit down because I was leaving and in a bit of a hurry. When I opened the notification area there were two bo...