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Micro SD card not detected

I'm experiencing this unpleasant situation. So I have used a micro SD card just for my rog Ally. The card was working without any issue. On the top of it I never let the device running hot to avoid to melt the SD card reader. Yesterday I popped in th...

Giusè by Level 7
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ROG ALLY Unresponsive after going to sleep - HELP!

HI all, hoping to get an answer for my ROG ally.After windows put my unit to sleep, I cannot get it to wake up/boot into windows without having to power off the device completely. The controls, triggers/bumpers and ABXY buttons don't wake it up. The ...

Rog Ally Dock Issues, Not allowing 30W Turbo mode

Hello All, It appears me and some others are having issues with docks / hubs not allowing 30W turbo mode. I have personally tried 4 different chargers, all that support Power delivery of 100W+ and 4 different Docks and hubs all allowing 100W PD. No m...

Sd card reader question

I have a rog ally and have never used an sd card in the unit. I just wondered can the reader fail if it has never had an sd card inserted. I don't want to use a card until problem is fixed but also don't want my card reader to fail and not be aware o...

Aim assist on Warzone 2

Hi, I try to play warzone 2 on my asus rog ally but it's very difficult to be competitive.I thought this was just playing on a handheld console but I noticed that the aim assist doesn't work at all on the asus rog ally...I try a lot of differents set...

Resolved! Mouse and Keyboard Problem after Update?

Since the Latest Updates, my Ally seems to have Problems with my Mouse and Keyboard. When i Play a Game on an external monitor (wich worked perfect with the ally till now) maybe a first person Game like  "The Outer Worlds", the Ally do not recognise ...

Resolved! Rog Ally - Dolphin and PCSX2 with DirectX 12 keeps crashing.

I have serious problems with Dolphin. In both my notebook and Steam deck (Windows) I run version 5.0 with high DirectX12 settings without problems. While on Rog Ally I get crashes after few seconds. I've also tried the most up-to-date versions of Dol...

Resolved! PS5 controller only working in Steam not outside

I am trying to setup my Rog Ally in a JSAUX dock on the tv and use a Dualsense (PS5) controller . But for now I am only able to use the Controller in Steam. Everytime I exit steam it doesn't respond. I want to use the controller both for steam and XB...

Dali050 by Level 7
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