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Left thumbstick never worked

Hi! Got my Ally last friday and from the very beginning left joystick only moved Up and down. No horizontal movements. Have tried to reinstall twice, and the problem still persists. Is there any BIOS update that fix this issue? It is a physical probl...

Jolu by Level 7
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Ally won't update firmware for XG Mobile

I have any Ally and the XG Mobile 3080.The Update Center in Armoury Crate keeps telling me I have to update the firmware:ROG XG Mobile Device Firmware VER  Date 2023/08/11I've done the update a dozen times, the Ally tells me to reboot ...

Resolved! ROG Ally wired keyboard input delay when gaming - solved?

ROG ally has an issue with wired keyboard having input delay when gaming. I am using  a K70 PRO MINI WIRELESS RGB Keyboard with the USB-C cable on a LISEN docking station. I used the ROG ally charger included in box and then a UGreen 140w to see if i...

Rog ally bios issue

Hi,I was updating a game on my rog ally, and then it went to bios menu. I had restarted and done everything I can to get back to the windows menu. But it keeps going into the bios menu. I’m not sure if it’s a ssd problem or something else. Help is ap...

Abkel24 by Level 7
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ROG Ally SD card not working system freezing

I got my Ally on day one and it constantly freezes after about 5 minutes of use. I can’t use cloud recovery cause that freezes too while downloading files at about 6%. The SD card slot stopped working all together as well. Any ideas?

SquidGN by Level 7
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Ally not detecting USB-C monitor

I have a Samsung LS27A600U monitor and I try to connect it to the Ally using USB-C. Its gives power to the Ally and the USB ports on the back are connected, but no video signal. Windows says no display detected.The monitor works, I used it with a mac...

Virt by Level 7
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Right bumper not working

Just got my ROG Ally today, after finishing all updates. Bios and windows related and configuring and installing all desired games. I realized that the right bumper wasn’t working. Had to confirm via keybinds with Minecraft just to confirm that Right...

ROG Ally - HDMI audio not (always) working

Hi, I have run into an issue when connecting the Ally to my beamer (Acer v7500) via dock (Acefast) & HDMI cable: the video works flawlessly, but the sound keeps coming out through the Ally's speakers, not the sound system connected to the beamer. I a...

ROG Ally Gaming Charging Dock Stop Working

I bought the charger for almost a month agoWorked fine until today it just suddenly stop charging my AllyThe USB C are still able to connect to the Ally but it just doesn't chargeUSB A function works fine with my mouseThe Cable that came with the Cha...