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Left thumbstick only works vertically, not horizontally

Good day. so let's get this started as this has to have wider acknowledgment. It has been a month I have rog ally and literally used it only 10 times or so, most of the time it is docked on my desk. So previous week I docked it and yesterday decided ...

My left joystick not responding to right and left directions

My left joystick suddenly not responding to right and left directions  ...I even wasn't playing during this issue appeared  !!!??I was registering my device to my email and after that the problem happened...Any suggestions please    

Gabroun by Level 8
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ROG Ally SD card not reading!

Card stopped reading in Ally though works on my other PC. Though put a different card in the Ally and it works. What's going on? Also seems to be many people with this issue now.

MrKong81 by Level 7
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ROG Ally won't read SD card

Hi, I just purchased a 1TB SanDisk microSDXC UHS-I card, and my Ally will not recognize it, nothing shows up in my PC. The card is new and it is totally functional in my other PC. 

ROG ALLY stuck on Republic Of Gamers.

I got my Ally a few days ago and here where I live the temperatures are hot.I installed several games and played the device,today I plugged in the ALLY on my deck and played Diablo 4 on Turbo mode for a few hours and then it suddenly the screen sudde...

Willi77 by Level 8
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ROG ALLY not chargin via powerbank

I have a shargeek storm 2 and an anker 773 power banks both capable of more than 65w output or at least 65W, I cant get the ally to charge unless the power banks are plugged in, in the case of the storm 2 I cant even use it, cause its only a powerban...

Resolved! Video out doesn't work from USB-C port on Ally

No matter what I do, I can't get video output to work from the USB-C port. The display on the Ally turns off, like it detects another display, but then no signal is passed to the monitor. I've tried multiple docks and displays. The same docks and dis...

Ally wifi 6 and wifi 5 access point automatic switching issue

I've noticed that the ally does not automatically switch between wifi 5 and wifi 6 access points and persists it's connection with wifi 6 access point in a mixed environment. Even my phone switches automatically. how do i report this issue?I've not d...

Bokuden by Level 7
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