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Input issues with Halo MCC

Hi All,I'm having trouble playing Halo MCC on the Ally, every so often, the controller becomes unresponsive for a second, then goes back to normal, as if it is switching inputs. I've done some research and some have suggested that I may be accidental...

Missing Xbox Game Pass 3 month subscription

Hi ... I purchased a new ROG Ally from Best Buy ... I checked in the microsoft store (in the included on this device section in Library) and the xbox app (notification area) and there's nothing. Any help much appreciated!

Command Centre Button Stopped Working

My command centre button has stopped worked. It has happened in the past and it meant I needed to do an update, but this time I am up to date. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling armory crate and many restarts and shutdowns and nothing is work...

Rog ally alredy registered

Hi, I've bought an open box rog ally and it says it is already registered. Can someone support me in transferring my device to my account? Thanks

Darlez by Level 7
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ROG Ally XG Mobile resolution issue

I have had my Ally since launch and has been absolutely great, found a 6850M XT XG mobile return for cheap local and jumped on it. I knew from everything I read that there might be some issues with it, annoyances at connecting and disconnecting and s...

ROG Ally doesnt recognize SD Card

I know, I’m another one i had relatively no issues with my 512GB SDXC UHS-I card until a month or 2 ago (performance was tanking on the desktop & couldn’t do anything. Taking out the card resolved the issue). I put it back in hoping the issue resolve...

Right Trigger not responding in Older games

This issue needs to be addressed by Asus. I purchased this device to play older games that did not have native gamepad support. Older games that I have played like Stalker, Redneck Rampage, Quake 2, etc do not respond to right trigger pulls. I have e...

neotoma by Level 7
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Resolved! ROG Ally registered

Helloi bought a used Ally and unfortunately it's registered under the previous owner Can I register it under my name

xHmDx by Level 7
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