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ROG ALLY crashing

i have installed few games (CALL OF DUTY MW3) and (FORZA HORIZON)  when i play COD MW3 it keeps crashing and shaders are not uploading, when i lower the settings, the resolution is bad and keep getting POCKET BURST and kicks me out of the game, knowi...

Resolved! Real-Time Monitor layouts

Hello. The 29 Nov 2023 blog post about update 1.4.5 says:Enhancement: Added support for more Real-Time Monitor layouts with varying levels of information (Off, Minimal, Row, and Square).. . . but how does one change that setting / switch to alternati...

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Cannot connect to network 5ghz

Can’t connect to 5 ghz was able to here and there now no connection at all. And on the 2.4ghz online games are so laggy they are unplayable. I don’t know how to fix this issue I’ve been messing with my network and settings in the ally for the past 2 ...

Brand new Ally extremely slow down load speeds.

Just purchased a ROG Ally brand new and on top of not even able to get to the point of downloading games after multiple hours of setups and updates.  I now find I cannot download faster than 10-11 MBs when everything else in my house is downloading w...

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BUG REPORT: FreeSync not working properly

Hi there!  I got the Ally 5 days ago and there is something that annoys me:1. 60fps locked games with 120hz VRR introduces judder/microstuttering.2. VRR actually works over 70fps and low frame compensation does it job as well.This weird scenario both...

Right stick and triggers no longer working

Yesterday when I got back from running errands I sat down to start playing games on the ally. The right analog stick and both triggers no longer work. Could this be a software bug or is it a true hardware failure I need to send the device in for?

Resolved! RogAlly registered

I had bought the RogAlly from a user and when I try to register it, it had been registered so what can I do to re register it under my account?