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Ally Freezing when Bluetooth connected

My Ally is freezing and sometimes rebooting itself. It happens when I connect my Asus Keris mouse on Bluetooth. If I boot up with mouse already on it never even goes into Windows. BIOS is updated to 334. All updates on Armory Crate and apps are done....

R2RO85 by Level 7
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Wifi keeps disconnecting on rog ally

anybody know a fix to when i try and download games and even with the screen on the ally on why it randomly disconnects from my wifi how can youy download games if it will just keep disconected i never had this problem before and i dont know a fix to...

New Rog Ally

i just received a brand new sealed Rog Ally for christmas and I hooked it up to charge but nothing happens. It wont turn on, it wont charge, it just wont do anything. Ive tried different chargers and different outlets in my house. Nothing works. Any ...

sslaink by Level 7
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ASUS alley left Joystick no left/Righ

My left joystick only moves up and down. Left and right has stopped working. My ASUS Alley is fully updated and only a few days old. Any thoughts?

Penjobs by Level 7
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Rog ally wobbling analog stick

Hi, I have a new Rog Ally and I noticed that the sticks are a little wobbly and suddenly make a click as if they pop up. this is normal? 

nur87 by Level 7
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Unbalance audio

Hello, I have an issue with my ROG Ally speakers. When the volume is set to 100%, the right speaker works fine, but occasionally, there is a problem with the left speaker. The left speaker's volume can sometimes be too low or too high, while the righ...

Rog Ally Cloud Recovery Not Supported Error

Hi.  I'm upgrading the SSD in my Rog Ally.  In BIOS when I try cloud recovery to reinstall Windows I get an error "This Device is not supported please contact customer support".  Any ideas why?  I bought this thing used from Best Buy.  

bradj77 by Level 7
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Resolved! Rog Ally MCU update Failed every time.

Hello.I have a problem with my rog ally. Last week the ASUS and the command center button suddenly stopped working (the lighting setting doesn't work either). Then I looked for updates (Windows, myasus and armory crate) and I did all of them. With ar...