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Third-party charger cannot reach 30w

Hi all. I just bought a 100w gaN charger, https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0CN8ZYJWY?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details It is an Australian brand, I think, and it is a new product. But I can only reach 25w turbo and cannot reach 30w. I have update...

Spent bunch of money on the Raikiri Pro...

Was very disappointed to find out the Raikiri Pro's M buttons on the back cannot be mapped to Armour Crate/Command Centre nor can they be mapped to keyboard keys.This is likely an easy fix that can be pushed with an update. Hope it gets fixed because...

rog ally Cloud Recovery

Rog ally Cloud Recovery The SN is not valid. Please contact customer service. Please help me. And i buy sencondhand Rog Ally, i cna not registered it.

Rog Ally won’t boot stuck at Republic of Gamers screen

I didn’t touch my Ally for a few days but left it plugged in on the stand. I noticed the screens backlight looked like it was on so I reached and picked it up. It was hot really hot. So I pressed the power button to turn on and it chimes and Republic...

ROG Ally and XG mobile 4090 is not displaying video

I had video out to my Denon receiver and TV monitor until about 3 days ago. I checked and switched hdmi cables. I tried different ports on my reciever (that I use for other video in such as firestick). Has anyone had similar issues?

Resolved! Artifacts on brand new Rog Ally Extreme

I got this new Rog Ally Extreme for Christmas and it has been having artifacts appear randomly since day one. I have updated all the drivers and bios and it is still happening. Could this be a VRAM issue? Should I take it to the Best Buy it was got f...


Dual Sense Controller

Hi i have a big issue, ive been trying for the last 3 hours to play on my rog ally docked with my ps5 controller, it works on every other game but for some reason in minecraft dungeons it appears as a second controller only. To add to that after the ...

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