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Bad perfomance with ROG Ally on Bios 337 and XG Mobile (6850M XT)

Level 7

Hi There

I suddenly noticed with a Benchmark Check that my perfomance when using my XG Mobile (it's recognized and activ) is worse than when I am not using it and just go with the 780M untegrated graphics. 

At first I coudn't understand it and reinstalled my whole windows on the Ally again and every driver. But it didn't fix the problem. 

Obviously it is nothing driver based on the graphics card I start to believe that it is somethinfg with the power management when I change between 10W/15W/30W. When I check with the Time Spy Benchmark, best perfomance is when I use 10W almost identical with before. But when I change to 15W or 30W it is breaking down and worse than with 780M integrated graphics (something like 10 fps or so).

Probably the problem has something to do with the new BIOS update and that it is tehn not controlling the external graphics correctly I think. Please see into that. And don't say I should update or reinstall my AMD Drivers because I did that and the system as a whole also.

The XG Mobile is also recognized and fully functional. Time SPy is recognizing it and also the whole 12GB of VRAM. It has something to do with the Ally itself and the way it is controlling the XG Mobile.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @grain12 ,

I would like to ask if you have installed the specific display driver for the XG Mobile.
Please download and install the AMD Graphics Driver Version V31.0.14080.10 after connecting the XG Mobile to see if the issue improves. Thank you.