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Asus rog ally wont charge and dead

Level 7

hello , i bought the ally since jan , but today after i finish playing it , then i plugging into my charger suddenly i smell a burnt plastic. and then stop charging, i was charging with my orignal charger , but then i try to charge to another device is not working too, i think my charger is broken, but i try to charging my ally with another charger its also not working , i keep trying to charge until my battery is died, 
after that incident i went to local authorized asus service center for solution , i thought i can claim my warranty , because my ally is still under warranty , but they say it can't be claimed, I had to replace the motherboard and it would cost around philippines pesos 40k (around USD 700), this really shocked me and wasted my time, the cost was that much I could buy a new device 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Mard001 ,

We are sorry to hear about your experience. Please provide us with your product serial number, RMA number, and location through private message. We will further investigate your case. Thank