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Asus rog ally don't working docking station PD 100w.

Level 7

Hello. my rog ally does not work from the doking station jsaux hb0702, I use a power supply from the ugreen manufacturer, model x757. During games, the game console is discharged, not the error is that there is weak power supply connected, my green lightning icon is lit and only at 18 watts the console does not discharge. Have you removed support for third-party doking stations? my friend has exactly the same situation, but at the docking station jsaux hb0602 with a 100w unit. Of the ports, only the Internet LAN connector is occupied. Any mode above 18 w discharges the console. Without a docking station, the console does not discharge.


Level 7

BIOS 337

Customer Service Agent

Hi @kevinzaitsev ,I'd like to confirm if you've tried using other Type C cables for testing. Some users have experienced issues due to unstable power supply from certain cables, so please test to see if the cable is causing the problem.
Additionally, could you please clarify which devices are connected to the JSaux HB0702? Could you also record a video to help us better understand the issue you're experiencing? Thank you.