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ASUS Regional Support Not Helping on Busted SD Card Reader

Level 7

Hi everyone,

I am hoping somebody can tell me how to escalate if your local ASUS support just keep sending template replies that do not address the problem. They won't take it up to an upper management even if this issue is over a couple of months old & frankly a very simple one at that.

The ROG Ally's infamous flaw of destroying SD cards under constant thermal stress is something that should be a known issue within ASUS, but it turns out that the customer service reps are utterly clueless, & even insinuates that mine is a rare & isolated case.

What I'm begging is for ASUS to cover the service / installation for an upgrade (to 1tb or 2tb) of the ROG Ally's internal memory.

This is to substantially reduce the reliance on the expansion memory & almost eliminate the problems of fried SD cards.

I am fully aware that there is an existing tutorial on how to replace it D.I.Y., but I am not that confident that I won't break anything, or worse, void the warranty.

We are already inconvenienced by having a busted SD Card reader, why not at least offer a free installation of NVME SSDs that we purchased with our own money, because have we known this beforehand, we might've considered just going for other competing handhelds?

Thank you in advance.














Customer Service Agent

Hi @darkshinobix07 ,

I'm sorry to hear about your service experience.

Could you please provide your product serial number and repair number via private message so we can assist you further? Thank you.