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Armory Crate SE installer is hanging at 80%

Level 8

Trying to update Armoury Crate SE has made no progress. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled to no avai and keep my updates current. I've reset my Microsoft Store app & even reset my OS to a clean install. Gained controller navigation back, but continually it stops at the below progress. I've confirmed that Aura services are uninstalled via Control Panel. Any help would be appreciated




Accepted Solutions

The installer form the support page is not an offline installer. It appartetly calls out to the Microsoft Store to download a portion of the update and there is currently an issue with the either the MS Store or the API call to the MS Store, to download that portion of the package.

FWIW: According to chatter form the ROG discord, they are currently looking into the problem. 

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Level 8

I was having the same problem so i uninstalled ACSE but now I cant get Armoury Crate SE to install.

Level 7

Same issue here. Even ran the Asus Uninstall utility, Several reboots in between. Armoury Crate full install package does not work either. ROG is basically unusable unless I bring my keyboard, mouse, and USB C dongle with me anywhere I go. 

Level 7

What I did to solve this.

1.uninstall using the uninstall tool

2.restart the system

3.once booted the system should run armory crate. It will ask you to plug the power in to the ally.

4.once it's start downloading unplug the system from the plug. It should reset and install everything. Hopes that helps

I attempted this and still resulted in the update hanging. I’m going through the BIOS Cloud factory reset since I have nothing to lose anymore. I don’t know if there’s some historic program hanging around that the uninstaller isn’t removing, but if a factory reset doesn’t let me get the latest version, idk what will 🙄 

I hope it works for you. It didnt for me

Tried this, but it appears to still be hanging at around 80% 

Level 9

My SE update is falling but it is showing this error:

"Another application is currently being installed or updated"

Level 8

Latest Update: performing a Cloud Recovery from the BIOS was able to at least get a version of Armoury Crate functioning on my Ally, albeit not the latest version. Currently updating all MyAsus drivers, Microsoft Store apps, and Windows Updates. Will attempt the update then, but trying the update prior to this had the “Armoury Crate SE Downloading…” window sitting with no progress made. If after all updates/drivers are complete if the updater makes non progress/errors out, I’m just gonna stop this project til Asus addresses as I’d rather have an outdated version working than being unable to reinstall.

Level 7

Why did you install it?...If you think you are having problems now ...try uninstalling it...